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Hey guys, I'm back with another Mugen collection! This is a sequel of Anime World Warriors X! If you don't know what a Mugen is, it's 2D Fighting Game. It has 57 characters with 3 Different boss battles and 7 mini-games also there are 23 stages. You can use a Controller if so desire and even Play With or Against Your Friend with local-co-op. Almost all these characters are from popular anime such as Naruto, Dragon Ball Z/Super, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tale and more! Some characters are harder to play than others but once you learn how to use them they can be very good. Sorry about the game size guys, it's about 1.3 GB. Feel free to add or remove characters and or stages to your liking. Will be adding more characters and stages later on.


(Must Have Unzipping Program)

Once zip file is open just extract the data folder somewhere and run mugen.exe in the data folder.



  • Arrows Keys to Navigate through Menus
  • Q, E, R, A, S, D, F are Select buttons on the Menu
  • ESC is the Back button on the Menu

Fullscreen - (Left) Alt + Enter


  • Arrows Keys to Move character
  • Q, E, R, A, S, D to Attack (Can vary with different characters)
  • F to Power Up (For Most Characters) if not F for a Dragon-ball Z character try A + S
  • Down Arrow + Q, E, R, A, S, D activates Super Attack (For Most Characters)
  • Pause/Break Key Pauses the game
  • Walk Backward from your Opponent to Block
  • ESC allows you to Back Out Of The Match
  • When you Lose in Arcade Mode pressing Q, E, R, A, S, D, F lets you pick a different character and Try Again on the same match.

If you want to play Versus with an AI simply select characters you want with Player 1 controls then Player 2 controls then, while In-Game press Left CTRL + 2 (Not NumPad)


Download Anime Tournament HD.zip

Update 1.1

  • Nerfed Gajeel
  • Buffed Goku Black
  • Decreased Health of Punchcell Mini Game
  • Deactivated AI Cheating
  • Removed Random Color Palette (again)
  • Moved Characters around in Arcade Mode (Order in which are fought)

To Install just combine data folders and replace all files (Link at the bottom of the page).


Character | Author

Abyss | XsLaught

Akainu | NBA01

Beerus | FRS Games

Boruto | LegendTTA

Buggy | Daniel's

Cloud | Infinite

Eren Titan | Churchoryu

Erza | Mikel8888

Frieza | Mikel8888

Gajeel | Mikel8888

Gohan | Mikel8888

Goku SS4 | Mikel8888

Goku SSGSS | LegendTTA

Goku SS3 | LegendTTA

Goku Black | LegendTTA

Gon | Mikel8888

Gray | Mikel8888

Hand's Ninja | Churchoryu

Sakura The Last | Mikel8888

Kakashi | Mikel8888

Hollow Invasion | RistiaR87

Ikkaku | Ssjsongoku

Ishida Alexei | Roschak

Jellal | Mikel8888

Kaname | Sandom

Buu | Mikel8888

Kirito | Sennou-Room

Lucy | Mikel8888

Cell Jr. Invasion | RistaR87

Saibamen Invasion | RistaR87

Mirajane | Mikel8888

Momoshiki | Mugen No Shingeki

Luffy | Mikel8888

Minato | Mikel8888

Natsu Dragonforce | Mikel8888

Obito | Mikel8888

Toneri | Bills Dios

Pain | Mikel8888

Cell | Mikel8888

Ace | Daniel's

Cell Will Blow Up | Sawady

Renji | Ikaruga

Rukia | Ichiron47

Sasuke Rikudou | Mikel8888

Sky Chase | Phantom.of.the.Sever

Ichigo | StormEX

Toushiro | StormEX

Trunks | FRS Games

Itachi | Ilyes Djadel

Madara | Mikel8888

Sasuke | Mikel8888

Sasuke Adult | Bills Dios

Ulquiorra | New92Vimmaso

Aizen | Oz

Kisuke | Vimmaso92

Naruto (Hokage) | Mikel8888

Naruto | Mikel8888

Vasto Lorde | StormEX

Gogeta SSGSS | LegendTTA

Vegeta | LegendTTA

Vegeta SSGSS | LegendTTA

Zamasu | Teromugen

Whitebeard | NBA01

Zetsu Invasion | ViniciuisLawliet

Zoro | Daniel's


Update 1.1.zip 21 kB


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We just love a good MUGEN,and this one is a good one.  Great work!

So many characters to choose from. And local coop is the best. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while testing the game:

Keep up the good work!!!

is there SAITAMA?A hero for fun?[one punch man]

a strongest hero

You say that the game is moddable, are there any mods that you know of and how would modding it work? (If you have time to answer.)

(1 edit)

The Mugen engine is very simple to use and anything made with it can be transferred to any game that uses it. So if someone a made a batman character using the Mugen engine that character can be put in any Mugen game.


Hi, mediafire link doesn't work for me.

(1 edit)

Also uploaded it to Game-Jolt, maybe you will have better luck downloading it from there, (Comes with update)


Thank you, Now it's launching. Nice 2d fight.