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We just love a good MUGEN,and this one is a good one.  Great work!

So many characters to choose from. And local coop is the best. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while testing the game:

Keep up the good work!!!

is there SAITAMA?A hero for fun?[one punch man]

a strongest hero

You say that the game is moddable, are there any mods that you know of and how would modding it work? (If you have time to answer.)

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The Mugen engine is very simple to use and anything made with it can be transferred to any game that uses it. So if someone a made a batman character using the Mugen engine that character can be put in any Mugen game.


Hi, mediafire link doesn't work for me.

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Also uploaded it to Game-Jolt, maybe you will have better luck downloading it from there, (Comes with update)

Thank you, Now it's launching. Nice 2d fight.